ISU Partners with Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel to Recruit Skilled Professionals

As the pandemic restrictions have been lifted, the long-dormant tourism industry is experiencing a new wave of vibrant growth. The demand for skilled professionals in the tourism sector has doubled as the industry anticipates a strong revival in the post-pandemic era. Predicting this resurgence, E United Group, encompassing both tourism and education sectors, took proactive […]

ISU Student Outperforms at Design Competition with Shan Hai Jing-inspired Soy Sauce Plates

The “2nd Shan Hai Jing Mascot Derivative Creative Product Design Competition,” jointly organized by ISU and Shcmyth, took inspiration from the timeless masterpiece “Shan Hai Jing” created by the esteemed artist Tao Wei. The event attracted the participation of design talents nationwide, including ISU, National Kaohsiung Normal University, and National Yunlin University of Science and […]

HIWIN Helps ISU Empower Students with Robotic Arm

In a joint effort to foster talent between the industry and academia, HIWIN Technologies Corp. generously donated a state-of-the-art six-axis articulated robotic arm to the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering under the College of Engineering at ISU on July 4, 2023. With this donation, HIWIN aimed to empower the younger generation with access to […]

ISU Secures Top 3 Places in the 2023 National Robot Interaction Competition

With the advent of the AI era, numerous tech giants are delving into the realm of autonomous driving, while academic institutions are channeling resources into infusing intelligent technologies into education. The faculty members and students of the Department of Intelligent Network Technology under the College of Intelligent Science and Technology at ISU participated in the […]

ISU Collaborates with Ritsumeikan University to Deepen Smart Sustainable Development

In recent years, many universities and colleges have embraced “sustainability” as a fundamental value in institutional development. Previously, ISU represented Taiwan in the “World Youth Meeting” competition held in Nagoya, Japan, achieving remarkable results by addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year, ISU partnered with Ritsumeikan University in Japan to organize a […]

ISU Students Recognized by Design Awards as All-around Talents in Communication and Design

“Live with passion, and inspiration will be within!” Students from the Department of Creative Product Design under the College of Communication and Design at ISU have translated their daily observations into design elements. Their works, including the “Enhanced Warning Blind Bend System” designed for road safety, the “Gold Diner Tonight Like Heaven” that embodied the […]

ISU Partners with NVIDIA to Hold International Lectures

Industries worldwide are experiencing a surge in the rise of generative AI, and stakeholders from the government, industry, and academia are actively investing in developing reliable generative AI to expedite Taiwan’s R&D capabilities. As ISU is leading the generative AI trend, its College of Communication and Design, in collaboration with the internationally leading AI corporation […]

ISU Students Win Awards at 3rd Student Illustration Contest Taiwan & Japan

The metaverse of ISU is expanding relentlessly, making ISU a crucial cornerstone for developing the technology industry in southern Taiwan. The team consisting of freshman students from the Department of Digital Media Design under the College of Communication and Design, participated in the 3rd Student Illustration Contest Taiwan & Japan organized by the Osaka Sogo […]

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