Follow step-by-step guideline below and join the ISU family.

1. Eligibility

First, you have to make sure that you are eligible to enroll by reading more about Regulations for International Students Admission.

If you read the regulations for Regulations for International Students Admission feel free to proceed to the next step.

2. Pick a Course

Please, refer to our courses section to choose the right path for you.

I-Shou University offers a variety of degrees to choose from. Moreover, there are both Chinese and English taught courses. Make sure that you have browsed all of them to pick the best one for you, but do not worry, you will be able to transfer if you change your mind later on. Click here to browse courses.

3. Tuition & Fees

When you have picked your favourite course, please, refer to fees section where you can read more about financial requirements of both education and accommodation.

Detailed written financial report will be provided to students by invoice. Click here to browse individual fees.

4. Scholarships

Please refer to our scholarship section to find out more about scholarships and financial aids offered to international students.

ISU offers variety of scholarships for excellent students. If interested, fill up the application for scholarship together with other documents. Browse scholarships options here.


Except for English-taught programs, most of the courses in undergraduate degree programs are instructed in Chinese. Therefore, students are expected to have sufficient listening, speaking, reading, and writing ability in the Chinese language.

ISU also provides a variety of Chinese courses from the International Foundation Program and the Chinese Launguage Center to develop the academic Chinese language and study skills needed to study Chinese-taught programs.

“International Media and Entertainment Management”, “International Business Administration”, “Finance and Business Analytics”, “Intelligent Tourism and Hospitality Management”, “International Artificial Intelligence Technology”, “International Master of Business Administration (IMBA)” are all-English programs in our university.

If you have any questions when doing online application, please write us an email at , we will help you fix the problem.


Incoming international students are required to obtain necessary VISA before arrival, which will be exchanged for ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) upon arrival to Taiwan.

More info ARC/VISA section.


We have prepared information handbook for international handbook which includes all necessary information for prospective students. Feel free to download.

5. Application

You are almost there. After you have obtained all necessary information, now it is time to proceed to actual application.

* In handling overseas admissions affairs, the school does not entrust external institutions to handle related matters except for publicity, promotion, counseling for student applications, and assistance in handling necessary procedures such as visas, health checks, and travel transportation to Taiwan.

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