A map of Taiwan has put Taiwan on the global stage! NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang delivered a speech June 5th, 2024 titled “Opening a New Era of Industrial Revolution,” mentioning that AI is the new industrial revolution. During his speech, he showcased a map of Taiwan, garnering international attention. Not only does NVIDIA’s supply chain revolve around Taiwan, but 16 Taiwanese universities also appeared on the map, including I-Shou University. I-Shou University has precisely anticipated future trends and, as early as 2018, launched a ten-year plan called “Cross-Domain Innovation, Competing Globally.” The university’s various faculties have kept up with the times by focusing on the cross-domain integration of smart technology and health medicine, becoming a cradle for future AI elite talent.

In 2020, I-Shou University established the “College of Intelligent Science and Technology,” deploying the second NVIDIA supercomputer in Taiwan and becoming a partner school of NVIDIA. The university uses the NVIDIA supercomputer for industry-academia collaborations with 22 companies and government agencies, including SongTai Technology, HuaTai Technology, and the Ministry of National Defense. Various faculties have collectively planned and launched cross-domain integration courses under the “X+AI” curriculum. Additionally, the university has set up the “AI High-Performance Computing Laboratory.” I-Shou University applies the NVIDIA supercomputer to three major teaching and research policies. In smart healthcare, they have developed the “Intelligent Gait Parameter Analysis System” to assess sarcopenia, fall prevention, rehabilitation, and other elderly medical care and support. Additionally, they have created an intelligent cerebrovascular disease care platform for the long-term care of disabled patients. In smart manufacturing, generative AI is introduced into the traditional metal industry processes to build a smart manufacturing environment, aiming to reduce costs, save energy, and increase output efficiency. To nurture future AI professionals, I-Shou University has invested resources in creating the “Intelligent Science and Technology Innovation Center,” integrating AI across various faculties. The center includes zones for intelligent medicine and sensory technology, XR/Metaverse, AI robot interaction, and AI startups.

As one of the few comprehensive universities in Taiwan with a medical school, I-Shou University has further expanded its cross-domain integration of medical and technological teaching and research resources. In 2021, it established the “College of Medical Science and Technology,” anticipating the future ultra-aging society where the demand for health medicine will become increasingly important. With declining birth rates leading to labor shortages, relying on smart technology to enhance economic output is essential. Thus, health medicine and smart technology will inevitably become the most critical competitive skills in the future job market.

I-Shou University has also extended AI technology to the field of arts. The Department of Emerging Media Design within the “College of Communication and Design,” in collaboration with NVIDIA and GIGABYTE, has planned and established the first NVIDIA Studio x GIGABYTE collaboration space on campus. Teachers and students utilize relevant software and hardware resources to integrate a Metaverse Technology Art Design Center, enhancing students’ design capabilities and employability. In terms of teaching, research, and resource equipment, I-Shou University precisely aligns with national policies and future trends, thereby becoming a base for cultivating AI technology talent.

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