To Do List Before Departure

NO. Events Dates 1 Respond to the Admission Letter [Log Onto the ISU Information System and respond to [Accept My Offer of Admission] and [Create MY ISU Student Record] ,upload 1 photograph to make your student ID Card at ISU Information System]  Within 1 week after receival 2 Apply for an entry visa [See […]

Address for Postmail 收信的相關注意事項

As ISU has some 16,000 students, please tell your family and friends that in addition to your name, they need to write down a) your department and class or b) your dorm room number on the addressee area when sending mails to you. In addition, please write down a) your department and class or b) […]

Internet setting at dormitory

*Informaton Services and Settings How to solve dorm network problems If dormitory residents have any problem with the Internet, they may visit the Information Network Section of the Office of the Library and Information Services, or send a brief description of the problem and their contact information to, and the Office will send a […]

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