*Informaton Services and Settings

How to solve dorm network problems

If dormitory residents have any problem with the Internet, they may visit the Information Network Section of the Office of the Library and Information Services, or send a brief description of the problem and their contact information to dormnet@isu.edu.tw, and the Office will send a technician to solve the problem.


Dormitory Network Setting

1. DNS Server: 10.253.11

2. How to set up an IP address:



Note: The number “Z” is calculated based on the room no. and the number of beds by following the formula below:

Minimum of “Z” [ number of beds *(room no. -1)] +1
Maximum of “Z” number of beds *room no.

Example: There are four beds in Room No. 02, and the minimum of “Z” is (4*(2-1)+1)=5; the maximum of “Z” is 4*2=8. Therefore, the number “Z” could be 5,6,7 or 8.


*E-Campus and Services

Examples: If Room No. is D902 with four beds inside, then, then the IP addresses available for Room No. D902 are “” “” “ and “”, and the default gateway is Please visit the following website for more details: http://dormweb.isu.edu.tw/

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