ISU boasts a rich international environment, with a diverse population of overseas students from all five continents, creating a campus resembling a miniature United Nations. ISU is actively engaged in international exchanges, making it a preferred choice for collaboration among educational institutions worldwide. An example of this is the partnership with Kansai University in Japan. Together with the Department of Business Administration under the College Management, they organized the “Workshop on Digitalization and Retail Development.” Students and faculty members from Kansai University’s Faculty of Business and Commerce visited ISU, where they engaged in face-to-face discussions and mutual exchanges with students from the master’s degree program of the Department of Business Administration and the IMBA, focusing on the theme of international retail development.

During the workshop, Dr. Yi-Mu Chen, the Chair of the Department of Business Administration at ISU, and Dr. Akinori Iwamoto from Kansai University served as moderators. Dr. Rika Fujioka and Dr. Sangchul Choi from Kansai University were the discussants. Master’s and undergraduate students from universities in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Japan gathered to discuss omnichannel strategies in international retail and the shopping behavior in cross-border e-commerce. They also shared insights on the development of e-commerce in Japanese shopping streets and the introduction of unmanned stores at train stations. Dr. Fujioka emphasized that the academic exchange with Taiwanese students was highly beneficial for Japanese students. He particularly highlighted the outstanding performance of ISU students, showcasing their professional competence and language skills. The exceptional performance provided a rare learning opportunity for students from Kansai University.

Nguyen Van Sa, a master’s student in the master’s degree program of the Department of Business Administration at ISU, presented his research on cross-border e-commerce in Vietnam, emphasizing the challenges and potential of the Vietnamese market. He expressed that through this seminar, he gained a deeper understanding of the diversity and potential in the retail and digitalization fields and the opportunity to exchange ideas with students and faculty from different backgrounds was invaluable. It’s worth mentioning that, to ease the nerves of Kansai University students on their first visit to Taiwan, the Department of Business Administration took special measures. They coordinated with Dr. Hsin-Su Huang and the Department of Applied Japanese students to guide Kansai University students in experiencing the culture of Taiwanese night markets at Ruifeng Night Market. This not only helped alleviate any initial tension but also fostered a friendly atmosphere for cultural exchange.

The Department of Business Administration at ISU has faculty members with study experiences in both the United States and Japan. In recent years, the Department has welcomed students from Japan who, with the assistance of faculty members proficient in Japanese, smoothly adapted to life and studies and achieved excellent academic results. The Department also guided students to participate in a one-year exchange program at Shibaura Institute of Technology in Japan. This collaboration not only strengthens the close ties between the Department of Business Administration at ISU and the academic community in Japan but also provides students with valuable opportunities to immerse themselves in Japanese culture and engage in academic exchanges. This assistance helps students integrate into the international environment, expanding their possibilities for future development.

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