Having worked on building international collaboration for years, ISU welcomes overseas universities as Taiwan has lifted its border restrictions. Recently, Vice Chancellor Prof. Atul Khosla and Director Prof. R. F. Dwivedi of International Affairs of Shoolini University, India, visited ISU and signed an MOU with ISU, aiming to facilitate a close collaboration in the areas of academic exchange, student exchange, and faculty exchange.

Shoolini University, built in 2009, is one of the youngest universities in the world. According to the QS Asia University Rankings 2022, Shoolini University was ranked Top 1 among private universities in India, which is the best proof of its efforts. Vice Chancellor Prof. Atul Khosla indicated that there were many similarities between Shoolini University and ISU. For example, both institutions are on the hill, adjacent to a shopping mall, and supported by a parent company. He believed that in addition to academic exchange, both institutions could work together to create a win-win situation with respective advantages in industries.

As a hub of international education, ISU has been one of the most popular places for international students who plan to study abroad. President Chen said that it was fascinating to collaborate with Shoolini University, and he hoped that more and more opportunities for international exchange could be created through this collaboration. During the campus tour around ISU, Vice Chancellor Atul Khosla and Director R. F. Dwivedi visited the ISU Cooking Studio & Library and the Metaverse Center for Technology, Arts, and Design. Besides, they visited the famous and resort-like student dormitories, feeling impressed by the quality of the accommodation. The good amenities provided by the neighboring shopping mall also fascinated them greatly.

ISU has dedicated itself to internationalization for years. As a result, around 1,500 international students from more than 40 countries are attracted to this miniature global village to acquire professional knowledge or learn the Chinese language. For instance, ISU partnered with Nottingham Trent University, one of ISU’s partner schools, to offer a Chinese learning program, and around 20 students already came to ISU to explore the beauty of the Chinese language. Moreover, as COVID-19 restrictions are easing, ISU goes the extra mile to activate international exchange in the hopes that each ISU student can be part of the international community.

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