I-Shou University (ISU) held celebrations for its 30th anniversary on October 16, 2020, inviting former presidents, faculty members, students, alumni, and guests, including Director-General William Heng-Sheng Chuang of the Southern Taiwan Office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chief Education Officer Wen-Pin Hsieh of the Education Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, and ambassadors, to celebrate this marvelous milestone. On the same day, assorted events and activities were held, such as the unveiling ceremony of the ISU Innovation Hub, seminars on international mobility, the ISU Cultural Festival, and the final of the ISU Got Talent, for students from every corner of the world to have fun and look forward to the future development!

A series of celebrations kicked off by the traditional dance and blessing performed by students of the College of Indigenous Studies, followed by English songs sung by four international students with beautiful voices. President Chen indicated that he was so touched by the founder, Mr. I-Shou Lin, for the establishment of ISU. In the past 30 years, ISU has not only grown steadily in Taiwan but also discovered its endless possibilities around the world, which led to attracting students from some 40 countries. Without the effort devoted by forerunners, ISU could not have had these achievements. However, ISU is not satisfied with that; instead, ISU has shifted its focus to AI x Smart Health, aiming to become a comprehensive university with an international competitive edge.

During the celebration, a new introduction video of ISU and a documentary showing the past 30-year journey were premiered. In the documentary, former presidents and senior faculty members shared what they have experienced in the past 30 years at ISU and what direction ISU is heading for, which is interdisciplinary innovation. An award ceremony was also held to praise senior staff and outstanding alumni in recognition of their devotion and remarkable performance.

A series of celebration events for the 30th anniversary started in early October. The ISU Basketball Tournament attracted 160,000 views on a live stream within eight days. On October 14, the ISU Paintball Tournament began with the first shot by President Chen, and well-armed students and faculty members fought against one another aggressively. As to the worth-noting competition of Mr. & Miss ISU held on October 15, there were 13 competitors from 10 countries. Each competitor showed their concerns for global issues through this competition and showed their wits when answering interview questions. Moreover, the ISU Cultural Festival served exotic cuisines for all passersby. The entire campus was like a 24-hour city.

In addition, ISU, which always highlights creativity and innovation, provided faculty members and students with the ISU Innovation Hub, in which they can showcase their works. The unveiling ceremony was held on October 16 with congratulations sent by Director-general Yi-Li Chang of the Youth Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, President Li-Chuan Lin of the ISU Alumni Association, and ambassadors from the Republic of Paraguay, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and the Kingdom of Eswatini. The ISU Innovation Hub featured modern and minimalist spaces and diverse areas, including the STEAM Workshop, 3D Digital Crafting Workshop, Leather Crafting Workshop, Public Space, Coworking Space, and Administration Center. With the ISU Innovation Hub, ISU is able to combine courses and encourage more people to dip a toe into creation.

Former presidents, domestic and international guests, faculty members, and students were invited to celebrate ISU’s 30th anniversary.

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