ISU is one of the few comprehensive universities in Taiwan owning a college of medicine. In addition to the support from the hospitals affiliated with E Unite Group, ISU benefits its students with its internationalization. The School of Medicine and the School of Medicine for International Students under the College of Medicine held a research poster competition for both domestic and international medical students to share the research achievements they discovered through autonomous learning. With this competition, participating students of different nationalities broadened their horizons by exchanging opinions in English with others. As a result, ISU expected that they could become doctors with an international perspective and lifelong learning skills in the future.

The champions of the research category are Pin-Yi Ho and Yun-Wen Chen, fourth-year students of the School of Medicine. They took the Leksell Gamma Knife ICON, which was newly introduced by E-Da Hospital, as their research topic, trying to explore whether the Gamma Knife radiosurgery, a radiation therapy used to treat tumors in the brain without removing part of the bone from the skull, can be applied to other parts of the human body, and provided relevant data. Ho and Chen appreciated the resources, platforms, and opportunities ISU and collaborative hospitals provided. They indicated that through this competition, they gained knowledge of tissue sectioning and accumulated hands-on experience.

The runner-up in the paper category is Yi-Hung Chen, a fourth-year student at the School of Medicine. Having focused on drug resistance, he discovered that Tween 80 is useful for reducing the drug resistance of ophthalmic drugs and anti-cancer drugs. Therefore, if Tween 80 could be used as an excipient for cancer treatment, drug resistance could be reduced, and the effort of pharmacotherapy could be increased. Chen said that he learned a lot from this competition. For example, as a person whose English speaking skill is poor, he practiced speaking English as much as possible during the competition by discussing questions with his peers at the School of Medicine for International Students. With the internationalized campus ISU has built, students can improve themselves diversely.

Dr. Cheng-Loong Liang, the Chair of the School of Medicine and the Director of International Affairs of E-Da Hospital, pointed out that competitions were the best platforms for ISU students from different countries to exchange opinions and show English proficiency. Whether taking classes in classrooms or undertaking internships at hospitals, students of the College of Medicine and the College of Medical Science and Technology can enjoy comprehensive teaching and research resources and outshine others in national exams. For instance, all students of the School of Chinese Medicine for Post Baccalaureate passed the national exam in the past two years. Also, the passing rate of national exams of the departments under the two colleges is higher than the national average passing rate. ISU believes that with the backing of the hospitals affiliated with E United Group, ISU’s medical students can give spectacular performances around the world.

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