ISU is one of a few comprehensive universities in Taiwan with a medical school and a strong focus on internationalization. The College of Medicine and the College of Medical Science and Technology visited the Faculty of Medicine at Gunma University in Japan. They entered into a collaborative agreement together following the relaxation of border control policies. The agreement encompasses offering students internships in Japan and sharing academic and teaching resources, expanding medical exchanges to the international level and providing ISU students with opportunities to broaden their international horizons.

ISU and Gunma University are both comprehensive universities with a wide range of academic disciplines. Gunma University is ranked 24th among universities in Japan and is also ranked among the top 700 universities globally. Moreover, Japan boasts four heavy ion therapy centers, one affiliated with Gunma University. The Faculty of Medicine at Gunma University and its affiliated hospital have extensive clinical experience in radiation oncology research and therapy. They place a strong emphasis on advanced medical technologies and industry development. As a result, they warmly welcome students from the College of Medicine at ISU to undertake internships. Faculty members and students at both universities can mutually learn from each other, leveraging their respective medical expertise and strengths to collaborate and contribute to the development of the healthcare industry and talent cultivation.

Dr. Wen-Chuan Hsieh, the Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs at ISU, stated that ISU serves as a pivotal hub for international education and is a preferred choice for students worldwide seeking education abroad. It plays a significant role in the field of international education and academia. The collaboration with Gunma University aimed to create more opportunities for international exchanges for ISU students. Yosihiko Kominato, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Gunma University, commended ISU’s founding principles and expertise across its various departments, which have earned international recognition. He expressed the hope that through this collaboration, both institutions and their faculty members and students can mutually benefit, further enhancing medical education, healthcare technology, and professional expertise.

Over the years, ISU has been nurturing outstanding healthcare professionals both nationally and internationally. In early September, when the Mayor of Kaohsiung City, Chi-Mai Chen, accompanied President Ing-Wen Tsai on her visit to Eswatini, he highlighted that one of the graduates from ISU’s College of Medicine had already returned to his home country to practice medicine. Notably, the current CEO of the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) within the Eswatini Global Fund, Nkosikhona Advocate Dlamini, is a distinguished alumnus of I-Shou University. ISU, as part of E United Group, benefits from strong support through institutions such as E-Da Hospital, E-Da Cancer Hospital, E-Da Dachang Hospital, and the upcoming E-Da Hospital in Pingtung. These affiliations provide robust backing in terms of educational resources, faculty expertise, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. This positions ISU as a truly distinguished hub for cultivating healthcare professionals and medical elites.

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