Industries worldwide are experiencing a surge in the rise of generative AI, and stakeholders from the government, industry, and academia are actively investing in developing reliable generative AI to expedite Taiwan’s R&D capabilities. As ISU is leading the generative AI trend, its College of Communication and Design, in collaboration with the internationally leading AI corporation NVIDIA, hosted the “Generative AI ChatGPT International Lecture” and workshops, envisioning ISU as a pivotal base for artificial intelligence development in southern Taiwan.

The “Generative AI ChatGPT International Lecture” took place at the newly established New Media Learning and Creation Center at ISU, attracting enthusiastic participation from industry and academia. The event featured Dr. Kuan-Liang Liu, a seasoned scientist from NVIDIA, who shared insights on the international trend in generative AI and highlighted the groundbreaking advances presented at NVIDIA’s 2023 GTC. Additionally, Mr. Shoung Liao, the Chief Content Officer of Barking Dog Entertainment, focused on the applications and development of generative AI technology in game production, showcasing innovative products like ChatGPT and Midjourney. Representing the host institution, ISU, Dr. Jyh-Bin Suen, the Chair of the Department of Digital Media Design, delivered an engaging speech on the use of generative AI in corporate digital transformation strategies.

According to Dr. Liu, artificial intelligence has entered a stage of explosive development, particularly in the realm of generative AI. He emphasized that international leaders in the field are driving innovation, opening up new opportunities in the AI industry. Dr. Liu encouraged students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the use and features of generative AI, which can enhance their design capabilities and expand their horizons. Furthermore, Mr. Liao pointed out that the international gaming industry has already begun incorporating generative AI, especially in crucial areas such as game planning, art design, and game programming. For example, the incorporation of ChatGPT into game programming processes can help programmers improve the quality and efficiency of game design. In art design, generative AI allows designers to experiment with new styles and unleash their creativity. Thus, students’ design projects can benefit from the breakthrough innovations facilitated by generative AI technology.

Dr. Suen highlighted the collaborative efforts with the leading international company NVIDIA to organize a series of generative AI lectures and workshops. The goal is to drive innovative industry-university collaboration and leverage the power of generative AI to make it accessible to all. By incorporating generative AI into their learning and daily routines, students can harness its potential to bolster their skills and expertise. With its forward-thinking approach, ISU is aligned with the latest trends and partners with NVIDIA to establish Taiwan’s first NVIDIA Studio x GIGABYTE collaboration space. Utilizing the software and hardware resources of the NVIDIA Studio platform, ISU pioneered innovative teaching methods in the metaverse, earning recognition and support from the Ministry of Education’s “Metaverse Innovation Career Program.” This positions ISU as a trailblazer among higher education institutions across Taiwan.

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