With a wealth of interdisciplinary experience in the fields of industry, government, and academia, Dr. Yuan-Kuang Guu, former Deputy County Magistrate of Pingtung County, has taken on the challenging role of President at ISU. Drawing from his past leadership roles at Pingtung University and Pingtung University of Science and Technology, President Guu deeply understands the significance of shaping the distinct characteristics of a university. “Just like the facial features of a person, every university should have its own unique traits to gain recognition from various sectors,” emphasized President Guu, highlighting his educational philosophy of imbuing his university with distinctive features.

Distinctive Features of Educational Excellence

In the eyes of President Guu, ISU is a well-structured institution encompassing a comprehensive range of disciplines. Even the latest advancements in intelligent technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), semiconductor technology, as well as medical technologies required for health trends like healthcare and home care have corresponding colleges within the university. Currently, both the College of Intelligent Science and Technology and the College of Medical Science and Technology have surpassed 3,000 students each. In the future, these interdisciplinary talents will be able to contribute their expertise in the workplace, becoming a valuable asset for the needs of various industries.

“The close alignment with industrial development trends and the cultivation of talents that genuinely meet industry needs are significant characteristics of ISU,” stated President Guu. In addition to the two aforementioned colleges, the university’s other eight colleges, as well as academic units like the Center for General Education and Continuing Education Center, maintain close communication and collaboration with industries. ISU’s status as one of the few comprehensive universities in Taiwan with a college of medicine is particularly noteworthy. Not only does it nurture domestic medical talents, but it also serves as a crucial training ground for international medical elites. An outstanding alumnus, Nkosikhona Advocate Dlamini from Eswatini, graduated from the College of Medicine and has since returned to his home country, contributing his knowledge. He is now the CEO of the international organization CCM.

Furthermore, the College of Tourism and Hospitality has entered into an “Industry-University Strategic Alliance Agreement” with the Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel. Through a dual-mentor system, both the industry and the university can actively participate in teaching, effectively addressing the gap between theory and practice. The Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel, being part of E United Group, prioritizes hiring talents who have studied at ISU. Graduates from ISU can almost always find suitable job opportunities within the group, ensuring a smooth transition from graduation to employment.

Diverse Talents Contribute to Various Industries

“The support of the Board of Directors is crucial,” emphasized President Guu. He highlighted that ISU has received wholehearted support from its board members in various aspects of academic administration. The university spares no effort in investments, whether in the construction of facilities, acquisition of hardware and software, or other areas related to teaching and learning. The extensive business sectors covered by E United Group, including production, education, healthcare, leisure, and real estate, have also become the optimal choices for graduates regarding future employment. Even alumni who have graduated for many years and return to seek employment within the group are given the advantage of priority interviews and hiring, as long as they were once part of the ISU community.

Certainly, ISU’s industry-university collaborations extend beyond E United Group to include prominent companies such as TSMC, UMC, ASE, and even in the biotechnology sector with Bond Biotech Inc. and Han Chang Technology & Development LTD. Additionally, partnerships have been formed with companies in the fashion industry, like UNIQLO. Through various forms of collaboration, these organizations have established talent cultivation channels with ISU. Taking ASE as an example, the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two parties enables students to intern at the company, providing them with opportunities for post-graduation employment. In the case of UNIQLO, specialized training for students majoring in applied Japanese prepares them for international business. With a solid foundation in language skills, students can broaden their horizons and enhance their perspectives through lectures and collaboration between ISU and UNIQLO.

Speaking of language learning, ISU’s “BEST Program” is a noteworthy initiative. With support from the Ministry of Education, ISU offers over 450 EMI courses each academic year. Additionally, ISU hosts approximately 1,400 international students from around the world, representing all five continents. With a diverse pool of English-speaking faculty, attending ISU is akin to entering a multicultural and inclusive microcosm. With its rich international community, ISU provides ample opportunities for English language interaction, allowing students to integrate English learning into their daily lives seamlessly.

While fully supporting the national bilingual policy, ISU recognizes the importance of preserving and promoting the use of the mother tongue. The recent program on PTS Taigi TV Station is a testament to this commitment. Among the four productions that have been aired so far, three were created by teams from the College of Communication and Design at ISU. This highlights the university’s emphasis on cultural roots.

President Guu emphasized that ISU is a university with abundant teaching capacity and distinctive characteristics. The close integration of university and industry has created a virtuous, enviable cycle. After graduation, students enter E United Group based on their expertise and interests, gradually growing and advancing to managerial positions. Subsequently, many return to ISU as lecturers, bringing back rich industry experiences to share with their juniors. This cycle ensures that students truly learn the skills and knowledge required by industries, which is a crucial reason companies eagerly seek ISU talents.

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