With the advent of the AI era, numerous tech giants are delving into the realm of autonomous driving, while academic institutions are channeling resources into infusing intelligent technologies into education. The faculty members and students of the Department of Intelligent Network Technology under the College of Intelligent Science and Technology at ISU participated in the 2023 National Robot Interaction Competition’s “Self-Driving Car Tracing Interactive Race – College Category.” Among 130 competing teams vying for the championship, the ISU team not only navigated through the Competition’s challenges but also clinched the top three places, demonstrating the robust prowess of the College of Intelligent Science and Technology.

Utilizing programming skills, the ISU team engineered their vehicle to operate autonomously, relying on infrared sensors to independently identify the racecourse. The vehicle adeptly tackled obstacles, smoothly adjusted to track variations, and seamlessly transitioned to manual remote control when necessary. Competing against the clock, all the teams had to secure victory by balancing speed and distance within a constrained time frame. The team consisting of Yu-Yang Chen and Po-Yu Hsiao, both sophomores from the Department of Intelligent Network Technology, secured first place under the college category by completing the race in a remarkable 1 minute and 25 seconds. Notably, they were the sole team that successfully navigated the entire track. Chen and Hsiao shared their experience, highlighting the excitement and challenges of the self-driving robot competition. They emphasized the importance of thorough preparation, including a comprehensive understanding of the robot’s electronic circuits, control systems, and mechanical structures. This expertise was pivotal in crafting a robot that exhibited efficiency, stability, and precision. Beyond acquiring novel knowledge and skills through the Competition, they also demonstrated their adeptness in managing unforeseen challenges during the race.

The team that secured second place was composed of sophomores Yi-Hsin Lin and Chin-Nien Ou. They shared their experience of facing various challenges during the Competition, where mutual assistance and collaborative problem-solving played a significant role. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude to their supervisors for their support, which contributed to ISU’s impressive performance in the Competition. In addition, the third-place team, comprising sophomores Chia-Hsuan Wu and Shih-Chin Kuo, employed Python programming, identified and rectified issues through countless practices, and consistently refined their equipment in order to enhance the self-driving car’s recognition and response capabilities. Attaining third place filled them with great joy. They regarded this achievement as a motivating force to continue advancing and as an impetus to develop their expertise in the field further.

According to Dr. Tain-Lieng Kao, the supervisor from the Department of Intelligent Network Technology, students started assembling cars during their first year, becoming familiar with system programming environments, and writing sensor and driver programs. By the time they’re sophomores, they’re already participating in competitions to showcase their learning outcomes, building up an impressive wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience. Dr. Wu-Chuan Yang, the Chair of the Department of Intelligent Network Technology, emphasized that students enhanced their capabilities through competition participation and knowledge exchange. The recognition gained through awards is a source of pride for both faculty members and students within the Department. ISU is trailblazing in keeping up with trends, strategically focusing on the swift advancement of intelligent science and technology. By harnessing the educational platform, ISU is enabling a more holistic and diverse technology implementation. In light of industrial trends, ISU proactively forges connections with industries, collaboratively nurturing students to become highly sought-after professionals in the burgeoning future job market.

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