The “2nd Shan Hai Jing Mascot Derivative Creative Product Design Competition,” jointly organized by ISU and Shcmyth, took inspiration from the timeless masterpiece “Shan Hai Jing” created by the esteemed artist Tao Wei. The event attracted the participation of design talents nationwide, including ISU, National Kaohsiung Normal University, and National Yunlin University of Science and Technology. After a vigorous competition, Chih-Wei Chang, a fresh graduate from the Department of Creative Integrated Design under the College of Communication and Design at ISU, clinched the championship title and a prize of NT$20,000. His innovative work titled “Shan Hai Soy Sauce Plate” stood out, marking his second consecutive victory after winning last year’s championship.

Chih-Wei Chang, the back-to-back champion for two years in a row, emerged victoriously once again with his masterpiece titled “Shan Hai Soy Sauce Plate,” which is a plate used for dipping sauces. Chang drew inspiration from the mythological creatures in the “Shan Hai Jing.” The White Tiger, the Bird People, and the Panlong were ingeniously transformed into vessels that, when stacked, resembled the architecture of a temple, radiating a distinct Eastern allure. The clever fusion of culture and tableware left the judges in awe. Chang, who has secured the championship title for a second consecutive year, expressed that through ISU’s intellectual property development program, the new generation of designers could delve into the essence of ancient mythologies and generate various designs. The program not only helped enhance their cultural literacy but also allowed students to unleash their creativity on the stage created by ISU. Supervisor Tsung-Sheng Huang emphasized the commercial value of the work “Shan Hai Soy Sauce Plate.” Thus, during the design process, the goal was mass production. Consequently, efforts will be made to proactively engage potential partnering manufacturers to ensure that this exceptional piece gains more comprehensive visibility.

Yung-Sheng Tu, Chairman of Shcmyth, showed his profound appreciation for students’ creative works showcased in the competitions held last and this year. He also pledged that there would be a third competition in the future, with the commitment to organize this event annually, aiming to foster a greater pool of outstanding designers. Dr. Liang-Cheng Lee, Vice President of ISU, highlighted the collaborative efforts between ISU and the industry to organize events and competitions. These efforts served as tangible rewards, motivating students to integrate their acquired knowledge with the essential skills required in their future careers. The resulting creations not only were imbued with storytelling elements but also boasted practicality and commercial viability. The competing experience itself served as a major advantage, equipping students with the readiness to excel as capable professionals in the workplace. Ultimately, students are the primary beneficiaries of this approach.

ISU’s intellectual property development program brought together students from various departments, including the Department of Creative Integrated Design, the Department of Mass Communication, the Department of Film and Television, and the Department of Emerging Media Design under the College of Communication and Design. This collaborative effort intertwined elements of ancient and modern cultures to produce a captivating range of creative outcomes. Notably, the Department of Film and Television collaborated with teams winning the prestigious “Three Golden Awards” – namely, the Golden Horse Awards, the Golden Bell Awards, and the Golden Melody Awards. Together, they crafted a micro movie describing how Jiutian Xuannü comes to the Earth for a war against evil. Impressively, the film’s theme song was composed and written by students from the Department of Film and Television, including Hung-Yen Chiu, Yen-Ling Cho, and Hung Chao-Pan. Utilizing the Insta360 Titan VR 11K camera and VR photography techniques, the team successfully created a 360-degree music video with a VR experience, garnering widespread acclaim upon its release. ISU’s students have conquered external recognition and demonstrated their professional capabilities through their artistic creations.

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