The metaverse of ISU is expanding relentlessly, making ISU a crucial cornerstone for developing the technology industry in southern Taiwan. The team consisting of freshman students from the Department of Digital Media Design under the College of Communication and Design, participated in the 3rd Student Illustration Contest Taiwan & Japan organized by the Osaka Sogo College of Design in Japan. Their exceptional performance earned them multiple awards, including the Wacom Award and the Judges Award. The outstanding achievements of these freshmen have left the audience astonished.

illustration category, explained that her work titled “Summer’s End: A Design Masterpiece” was inspired by an idea that struck her after the opening ceremony for freshmen. The work portrays two classmates who met for the first time on campus and decided to head to the beach together, where they immersed themselves in laughter, singing, and carefree moments. Set against the backdrop of a vast blue sky and ocean, the artwork beautifully captures the essence of grasping a fleeting moment of summer in the unique way of these freshmen. Hsieh deeply thanks her supervisor, Dr. Kuo-Hsiung Tu, and the Department Chair, Dr. Jyh-Bin Suen, for their guidance and support. She was also thrilled that her creation would be exhibited in the renowned Pier-2 Art Center in Kaohsiung and that she was encouraged by the organizer, Mr. Hiroyuki Yamada, from Osaka Sogo College of Design. This recognition has instilled tremendous confidence in her for her future creative journey.

Freshman student Yi-Chun Yao was awarded the Judges Award in the illustration category. She shared her inspiration behind the winning piece, titled “Designing Transience and Renewal: A Creative Exploration,” as a portrayal of a school of fish escaping from a desolate blue ocean that has been ravaged by civilization. Breaking free from confinement, they swim toward the vastness of the galaxy. The interstellar sailor, amid the frigid environment, seeks a glimmer of hope in his pursuit. While the artwork may exhibit a science-fiction aesthetic, it symbolizes rebirth through breaking free from limitations and actively living as one’s true self. Yao expressed her gratitude for being recognized with the Judges Award at such an early stage in her academic journey, considering it the most rewarding validation for her creativity and dedication.

Dr. Tu, the supervisor for the two artworks, emphasized the importance of courses in visual design, animation design, and metaverse technology art for cultivating students’ proficiency in comic design. ISU students have achieved remarkable success, emerging as the top winners in the Student Illustration Contest Taiwan & Japan for three consecutive years. Their impressive creativity and design concepts have established them as the undisputed champions of this contest. Department Chair Suen highlighted the collaboration between ISU and the esteemed NVIDIA Corporation, aiming to leverage generative AI and metaverse creation as core focuses. This partnership has established Taiwan’s inaugural NVIDIA Studio x GIGABYTE collaboration space, positioning ISU at the forefront of higher education institutions across Taiwan. By harnessing the cutting-edge software and hardware resources of the NVIDIA Studio platform, ISU faculty members and students have spearheaded innovative metaverse teaching approaches. Their exceptional creativity and strong design prowess have once again been recognized through the Ministry of Education’s “Metaverse Innovation Career Program” grants, affirming their outstanding talent and expertise in the field.

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