The Department of Electrical Engineering within the College of Intelligent Science and Technology has been honored with the “Outstanding Project Proposal Award” by the Industrial Technology Research Institute’s “Smart Grid School and Talent Development Alliance Scholarship.” This recognition is bestowed upon their projects titled “Application of the Method of Integrating CNN and Attention Bi-LSTM in Photoelectric Power Prediction” and “Interface Development Based on Solar Inverter Data Reading Communication.” These pioneering projects in technology exemplified the students’ profound research capabilities and garnered high praise from the judging panel.

Junior students developed the two award-winning projects from the Department of Electrical Engineering, including Chun-Yang Lin, Chih-Chi Liang, Yu-Hsiu Yang, Pei-Lun Weng, Li Hua, and Kuan-Yu Lai. The project titled “Application of the Method of Integrating CNN and Attention Bi-LSTM in Photoelectric Power Prediction” proposed a model that integrates convolutional neural networks (CNN) and attention mechanisms into bidirectional long short-term memory (Bi-LSTM) neural networks. This model accurately predicts the power generation of photovoltaic systems, utilizing actual photovoltaic field data as evidence. Notably, this method has enhanced accuracy in short-term power generation prediction for photovoltaic systems. The project “Interface Development Based on Solar Inverter Data Reading Communication” focuses on developing a single-chip interface for collecting data from solar panels and enabling seamless internet access from any location. This interface empowers users to monitor parameters such as voltage, current, power, and cumulative power generation from solar panels without geographical constraints.

Chih-Chi Liang expressed his enthusiasm for participating in the solar energy project as early as his sophomore year. He valued the opportunity to explore the field of green energy and winning the competition further bolstered his confidence in researching the application of green energy. He looks forward to continuously improving his skills and contributing to the development of this field in the future. Chun-Yang Lin mentioned joining ISU’s solar energy team in his sophomore year. With the guidance and assistance of faculty members, he applied various technologies from different fields to research solar power generation. Participating in the competition allowed him to showcase the results of his hard work and accumulate professional skills, significantly boosting his confidence in the process.

Dr. Tsu-Chung Tan from the Department of Electrical Engineering highlighted the significant role of the solar power research project team in providing a practical learning platform for ISU students to gain hands-on skills in solar power plant planning. The team’s double success in the competition underscored ISU’s practical talent cultivation efforts, motivating both faculty members and students to persist in their research endeavors. Dr. Rong-Ching Wu, another faculty member in the Department of Electrical Engineering, emphasized that the award reflects the recognition of the team’s sustained efforts and achievements in solar energy research. He stressed the importance of continuous dedication to achieving outstanding results. With its established presence in the green energy industry, the Department of Electrical Engineering offers comprehensive equipment and robust teaching content. It facilitates students’ seamless transition into the future workforce through practical, hands-on training.

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