The faculty members and students of the Department of Electrical Engineering under the College of Intelligent Science and Technology won one titanium prize, one silver prize, and two bronze prizes at the 2022 Green Idea Invention and Design Fair by presenting creative design and innovation relating to sustainability and interdisciplinary integration, and the solar panel washer even caught relevant industries’ eye.

Having noticed that environmental sustainability is a crucial issue around the world and that the development of solar panels is a future trend, the team consisting of Po-Chia Chen, Cheng-Yen Wu, and Tsung-Yi Lin of the Department of Electrical Engineering designed a solar panel washer that works effectively and keeps solar panels intact. Lin indicated that in addition to putting what they had learned into practice when they created and did the work, they needed to understand the trend of environmental sustainability and the applications of solar panels. Nevertheless, they did learn a lot from this experience. Dr. Rong-Ching Wu, the team’s supervisor, said that these students could exchange with others and see if their work meets the market’s demand and even earn recognition from relevant industries through this competition. Another supervisor, Dr. Tsu-Chung Tan, believed this competition could spark these students’ interest in photovoltaic systems.

Another team consisting of Fang-Tsen Kuo, Hung-Wei Hsu, Hsing-Jung Li, Mei-Fang Chen, and Yi-Wen Chang won one silver prize and one bronze prize with two works. The entry winning the silver prize winner is a cell counting system based on machine learning, combining smart technology and health medicine. The cell counting system can learn images of cells to identify, deduce, and confirm the number of cells. By so doing, the system can minimalize counting errors and provide high-quality experiment data. Kuo said that this was her first time participating in a large-scale competition, but with the support from other teammates, she could not have overcome her stage fright and completed the presentation smoothly. Dr. Wen-Chin Chiu, the team supervisor, indicated that the College of Medicine benefits ISU, and the Department of Electrical Engineering and the School of Medicine worked together to shine on the stage. As for the entry winning the bronze prize, a greenhouse environment monitoring system, Chang indicated that the team redesigned a traditional greenhouse to build a smart greenhouse that can sense soil, air, and illumination. Supervisor Dr. En-Chih Chang pointed out that these students integrated their innovation into their profession and showed the limitless potential of young generations.

Another work winning a bronze prize is a drive circuit for LED flood light crafted jointly by Lung-Fu Lan, Cheng-Kuan Lin, and Sheng-Hung Hou. Lan said this creation could be applied to LED lights, battery chargers, and other supplies or devices that need to convert DC to AC. Supervisor Dr. Chun-An Cheng indicated that by participating in this competition, these students could stimulate their creativity while considering commerce. In addition, this experience was beneficial to their future studies or employment. The brilliant performance of ISU students proves that ISU nurtures hi-tech talent wholeheartedly, and the achievements are well-recognized.

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