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Dear partners,

Warm Greetings from I-Shou University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

I-shou University hosted a vibrant graduation ceremony for the Class of 2023, showcasing its unwavering commitment to valuing every graduate.

The recent graduation ceremony at our university was a momentous occasion, celebrating the achievements of the Class of 2023. The university recognizes the hard work and dedication of the students’ contributions to the community. In the meantime, the commencement reminded the students that graduation is not an end, but a beginning of new possibilities they can strive for and achieve. 

More specifically, Outstanding Volunteer awards recognized exceptional accomplishments, ensuring a well-rounded representation of the graduating class. Graduate proudly received their well-deserved diplomas, indicating their academic success and the knowledge gained during their time at the university.  The following testimonials are proofs of I-Shou University and its students’ missions, values, and beliefs.

I-shou university graduation ceremony for the Class of 2023 exemplifiedits

commitment to equality, inclusivity, and recognizing the value of every

graduate. It serves as a testament to the university’s mission of

empowering individuals for a brighter future.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023, may your futures be full of promises.

Join our community of learners and achievers. I-Shou University is a bilingual international private university located in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan. With more than 1,500 international students from over 40 countries, we provide a diverse learning environment and access to first-class teaching resources. Our goal is to create an international education hub and offer an international learning platform

Still can’t envision the fulfilling student life at I-Shou University?

Let’s take a closer look through a video!

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Chia-Kun Lee 李嘉崑 博士
Dean, Office of International & Cross-strait Affairs
國際及兩岸事務處 處長

ISU Collaborates with Ritsumeikan University to Deepen Smart Sustainable Development

In recent years, many universities and colleges have embraced “sustainability” as a fundamental value in institutional development. Previously, ISU represented Taiwan in the “World Youth Meeting” competition held in Nagoya, Japan, achieving remarkable results by addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year, ISU partnered with Ritsumeikan University in Japan to organize a seminar titled “How can we achieve SDGs with the help of AI for a better future?” Students from the Department of Applied English and the Department of Applied Japanese under the College of Language Arts, along with a team of faculty members and students from Ritsumeikan University, shared the content of the United Nations’ SDGs at ISU, expanding the reach of sustainable practices on an international scale.

ISU Students Recognized by Design Awards as All-around Talents in Communication and Design

“Live with passion, and inspiration will be within!” Students from the Department of Creative Product Design under the College of Communication and Design at ISU have translated their daily observations into design elements. Their works, including the “Enhanced Warning Blind Bend System” designed for road safety, the “Gold Diner Tonight Like Heaven” that embodied the delicacy of metal craftsmanship, and the “Old Summer Palace and Chinese Zodiac Tea Set” that captured the beauty of architecture were selected as finalists in the Youth Innovative Design Festival. The “Enhanced Warning Blind Bend System” also won the Social Design Award in the 2023 Golden Pin Design Award, showcasing these students’ strong creative prowess and their ambition of becoming aspiring designers.

ISU Partners with NVIDIA to Hold International Lectures

Industries worldwide are experiencing a surge in the rise of generative AI, and stakeholders from the government, industry, and academia are actively investing in developing reliable generative AI to expedite Taiwan’s R&D capabilities. As ISU is leading the generative AI trend, its College of Communication and Design, in collaboration with the internationally leading AI corporation NVIDIA, hosted the “Generative AI ChatGPT International Lecture” and workshops, envisioning ISU as a pivotal base for artificial intelligence development in southern Taiwan.

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