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Dear partners,

Warm Greetings from I-Shou University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Cap Off For The New Start !

The start of a new chapter at I-Shou University unveils limitless chances for students, providing a window into unrivaled potential for career advancement and networking. As students begin their academic journey, ISU serves as a beacon of support, providing a wealth of tools and opportunities to help them pursue their professional goals.

ISU’s strategic partnerships and affiliations provide access to a wide range of industries and sectors, including prestigious hotel chains such as E-Da Royal Hotel, E-Da Skylark Hotel, and a collaboration with Marriott Kaohsiung as well as medical hospitals such as E-Da Hospital, which is located next to I-Shou Medical Campus. ISU’s strategic partnerships facilitate hands-on learning experiences, equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in diverse industries, while also driving innovation and progress within academia and beyond. 

Through internships, cooperative education programs, and industry collaborations, students have the chance to gain hands-on experience and invaluable insights into their chosen fields. ISU not only helps to enhance students’ skill sets and connections but also foster soft skills like communication and problem-solving. Moreover, they provide valuable industry insights, helping students make informed decisions about their career paths.

Last but not least, cheers to the Class of 2024! Toss your cap into the air and watch your dreams take flight, remember that this isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning of your next great adventure—a journey where the only limit is your imagination, and the world is yours for the taking. May your future be as bright as your potential, and may you continue to reach for the stars with the same fervor that brought you here today.

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Sincerely yours,

Dr. Chia-Kun Lee 李嘉崑 博士

Dean, Office of International & Cross-strait Affairs

國際及兩岸事務處 處長

ISU Receives Numerous Awards Nationally and
Internationally with Expertise across Diverse Fields

In its mission to cultivate future talents and promote interdisciplinary excellence, ISU empowers students to become well-rounded individuals, encouraging them to pursue their interests and fostering diverse development. With nine colleges spanning disciplines such as medicine, science, engineering, technology, business, humanities, and social sciences, ISU stands as one of Taiwan’s premier comprehensive private institutions, uniquely featuring a medical college. Committed to nurturing interdisciplinary talents, ISU has garnered significant achievements in both domestic and international competitions. Much like the genie in Aladdin’s lamp, ISU ignites the flame of hope in students’ hearts, enabling them to realize their dreams through their passions.

ISU Facilitates Taiwan – Japan Exchange 
with Abundant Resources

The establishment of TSMC’s JASM in Kumamoto has resulted in a significant increase in population and economic advantages, strengthening the ties between Taiwan and Japan. The mutually beneficial industries in both countries have had a broad-reaching impact. ISU, with its longstanding commitment to international engagement, forged a sister school relationship with Sojo University in 2014, promoting exchanges among students and faculty. Furthermore, ISU prioritizes enhancing students’ international mobility, actively providing avenues for them to engage on the global stage. Through collaborations with prominent Japanese corporations, ISU facilitates student internships in Japan, thereby expanding opportunities for career growth in the country.

ISU Cultivates Hospitality Industry Talent with
Hands-On Restaurant Operations

ISU enables students to become entrepreneurs by opening their own restaurants, integrating practical courses into the operation of Hospitality 101. This initiative has been well-received by faculty members and students alike. Recently, students from the Department of Hospitality Management in the College of Tourism and Hospitality launched an Italian cuisine menu, interpreting Italian dishes using locally sourced Taiwanese ingredients. The authentic Italian flavors have been a hit on campus, with long queues forming during meal times.

ISU Cultivates Semiconductor Specialists to
Align with National Development Trends

Taiwan government is actively developing the s-shaped strip of semiconductors in Kaohsiung, extending from the Tainan Science Park to the Ciaotou Science Park, Kaohsiung Nanzih Technology Industrial Park, Renwu Industrial Park, and others. This initiative attracts numerous well-known technology firms to establish their presence and generates many job opportunities in the surrounding areas. Nestled in the heart of the s-shaped strip of semiconductors, ISU has gone into longstanding partnerships with industry giants like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC). Together, they have established a robust talent cultivation ecosystem. Each year, ISU hosts job fairs featuring these industry leaders, positioning itself as a premier destination for talent acquisition. With its roots deeply embedded in the College of Engineering, ISU is a coveted choice for companies seeking to tap into the burgeoning high-tech industry landscape.

Join our community of learners and achievers. I-Shou University is a bilingual international private university 

located in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan. With more than 1,500 international students from over 40 countries, 

we provide a diverse learning environment and access to first-class teaching resources. Our goal is to create 

an international education hub and offer an international learning platform.


Still can’t envision the fulfilling student life at I-Shou University? Let’s take a closer look through a video!

” Welcome to I-Shou University, where possibilities are endless and success is within reach. 

Embrace the journey ahead and make the most of the remarkable opportunities that await you.”

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