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Dear partners,

Warm Greetings from I-Shou University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Embarking on a new academic journey can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when navigating 

unfamiliar surroundings. To ease the transition, I-Shou University organized a dynamic 3-day Freshman 

Orientation Week for Overseas students, designed to help newbies familiarize themselves with 

the I-Shou environment.

The 3-day freshman orientation at I-Shou University was an exciting and immersive experience. 

We started by assisting students with ARC registration and residency paperwork. Additionally, we conducted 

a campus tour to help new students become familiar with the university’s facilities and resources, and they also 

had the chance to interact with International Student Representatives from various countries. 

The orientation concluded with interactive presentations that addressed most of the concerns and questions

students had about studying and living in Taiwan for the first time.

The orientation week at I-Shou University ended with a lively Pizza Party as well as welcoming speeches 

from the university President and the Dean of the Office of International & Cross-Strait Affairs (OICA)

creating a positive atmosphere for the new students. The party provided a chance for students to socialize,

make friends, and enjoy tasty food, marking the beginning of an exciting academic journey at I-Shou University.

As the new students embark on their academic journey at I-Shou University, may they be driven by a passion 

for learning, growth, and exploration. We wish them all the best as they embrace this new chapter in their lives, 

and we look forward to seeing their success and development.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Chia-Kun Lee 李嘉崑 博士

Dean, Office of International & Cross-strait Affairs

國際及兩岸事務處 處長

ISU Partners with Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel to Recruit Skilled Professionals

As the pandemic restrictions have been lifted, the long-dormant tourism industry is experiencing a new wave of vibrant growth. The demand for skilled professionals in the tourism sector has doubled as the industry anticipates a strong revival in the post-pandemic era. Predicting this resurgence, E United Group, encompassing both tourism and education sectors, took proactive measures last year, making ISU and Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel sign an “Industry-University Strategic Alliance Contract,” aiming to cultivate top-notch talent for the tourism industry. This year, these two formidable entities have joined forces again, intensifying their collaboration to launch the upgraded “Elite Program 2.0.” What’s more, representatives from the Department of Human Resources of Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel, including Associate Director Hsueh-Ju Wang and Manager Yi-Fang Chen, visited ISU’s campus, engaging directly with students to elaborate on the details of the Elite Program

ISU Students Outperforms at Design Competition with Shan Hai Jing-inspried soy sauce plates

The “2nd Shan Hai Jing Mascot Derivative Creative Product Design Competition,” jointly organized by ISU and Shcmyth, took inspiration from the timeless masterpiece “Shan Hai Jing” created by the esteemed artist Tao Wei. The event attracted the participation of design talents nationwide, including ISU, National Kaohsiung Normal University, and National Yunlin University of Science and Technology. After a vigorous competition, Chih-Wei Chang, a fresh graduate from the Department of Creative Integrated Design under the College of Communication and Design at ISU, clinched the championship title and a prize of NT$20,000. His innovative work titled “Shan Hai Soy Sauce Plate” stood out, marking his second consecutive victory after winning last year’s championship.

HIWN Helps ISU Empower Students with Robotic Arm

In a joint effort to foster talent between the industry and academia, HIWIN Technologies Corp. generously donated a state-of-the-art six-axis articulated robotic arm to the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering under the College of Engineering at ISU on July 4, 2023. With this donation, HIWIN aimed to empower the younger generation with access to top-notch equipment, allowing them to gain valuable expertise throughout their four-year university journey. In gratitude for HIWIN’s generous support, ISU held a donation ceremony to express its appreciation for the invaluable contribution provided by HIWIN.

ISU Secures Top 3 Places in the 2023 National Robot Interaction Competition

With the advent of the AI era, numerous tech giants are delving into the realm of autonomous driving, while academic institutions are channeling resources into infusing intelligent technologies into education. The faculty members and students of the Department of Intelligent Network Technology under the College of Intelligent Science and Technology at ISU participated in the 2023 National Robot Interaction Competition’s “Self-Driving Car Tracing Interactive Race – College Category.” Among 130 competing teams vying for the championship, the ISU team not only navigated through the Competition’s challenges but also clinched the top three places, demonstrating the robust prowess of the College of Intelligent Science and Technology.

Join our community of learners and achievers. I-Shou University is a bilingual international private university 

located in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan. With more than 1,500 international students from over 40 countries, 

we provide a diverse learning environment and access to first-class teaching resources. Our goal is to create 

an international education hub and offer an international learning platform.


Still can’t envision the fulfilling student life at I-Shou University? 

Let’s take a closer look through a video!

” Welcome to I-Shou University, where possibilities are endless and success is within reach. 

Embrace the journey ahead and make the most of the remarkable opportunities that await you.”

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