I-Shou University Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary with Multifarious Events

I-Shou University (ISU) held celebrations for its 30th anniversary on October 16, 2020, inviting former presidents, faculty members, students, alumni, and guests, including Director-General William Heng-Sheng Chuang of the Southern Taiwan Office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chief Education Officer Wen-Pin Hsieh of the Education Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, and ambassadors, to celebrate this […]

ISU Holds Basketball Tournament to Warm up Its 30th Anniversary

To warm up the 30th anniversary, ISU held a basketball tournament this month. Ms. Yu-Chung Hsieh, the coach of ISU men’s varsity basketball team and the assistant coach of the Chinese Taipei Universiade Team, invited players from the Chinese Taipei Men’s National Basketball Team and the Chinese Taipei Universiade Team to compete at this tournament […]

ISU Warms up the 30th Anniversary with Classic 30 Lectures

As ISU will celebrate its 30th birthday in 2020, the Center for General Education organized Classic 30, a series of Chinese and English lectures, as a warm up for this big day. President Chen also took part in these lectures and encouraged students to learn in diverse fields. President Chen took part in the lectures and […]

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