ISU President Visits Japan to Facilitate Exchange and Collaboration

ISU President Chen and Chair Lee of the Department of Applied Japanese led a delegation to visit not only the City Government of Matsumoto but also several higher education institutions in Japan, including Teikyo University, Toyo University, Shinjuku Campus of J. F. Oberlin University, Shinshu University, Matsumoto University, and Shibaura Institute of Technology, for more […]

A New Agricultural Revolution in Shinyuan Township in Collaboration with ISU

Do you know that Shinyuan Township of Pingtung County was once the biggest eel-producing township in Taiwan? And many myth stories have been handed down from generation to generation around this area. Under the National Strategic Plan for Regional Revitalization, ISU entered into a memorandum of understanding with Shinyuan Township Office of Pingtung County, aiming […]

Industry-University Collaboration: A Win-Win for ISU

ISU has a close collaborative relationship with some 500 corporations in different industries, and the outstanding performance delivered by the students and faculty members of the Department of Electronic Engineering has impressed many businesses. Holtek Semiconductor Inc. donated some 50 32-bit and 8-bit single chip development kits to the Department, in the hopes that more […]

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