ISU English Teachers on the Air

Everyone can learn English everywhere! To support the policy of a bilingual living environment established by the Kaohsiung City Government, ISU faculty members of the Department of Applied English were invited by the Kaohsiung Broadcasting Station to produce English teaching segments for their audience. Faculty members of the Department of Applied English were invited to […]

ISU Nurtures Specialists with International Mobility in English-only Programs

To nurture specialists with international mobility, ISU will offer another two international bachelor’s degree programs in the next academic year. With English-taught courses, overseas internships, 3+1 or 2+2 dual degree programs, ISU is working hard to be the cradle of international talents. The campus of ISU is full of international students coming from some 50 […]

International Students Attracted by ISU English-only Learning Environment

Hikaru, a Japanese student, chose to study at the Department of Applied English of ISU for another bachelor’s degree after graduating from a university in Japan because of the English-only learning environment and the professional curriculum offered by ISU. With comprehensive training, he mastered both Chinese and English and secured employment in an international corporation […]

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