ISU Holds First Overseas Graduation Ceremony

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, some international students are temporarily barred from entering Taiwan, and they therefore cannot study or attend their graduation ceremony. To cheer them up, ISU also held a small-scale graduation ceremony in Hong Kong in addition to a university-level one in Taiwan, and this was the first overseas graduation ceremony […]

ISU Releases Indigenous Arts at Student Graduation Exhibition

As society becomes more open-minded than ever, more and more indigenous youngsters try their best to revive indigenous cultures. At the graduation exhibition held by the College of Indigenous Studies, students want to surprise spectators with indigenous arts combining both modern and traditional elements. A colorful and meaningful hand-woven wall created by indigenous students.

Soldiers Graduated from ISU

ISU held a graduation ceremony on June 16, 2018, and 19 graduands were the first batch of students studying at a military camp. Major General Kuo-chien Chou was invited to turn the tassel for them. Major General Kuo-chien Chou was invited to turn the tassel for the first batch of graduands studying at a military […]

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