High School Students Experience Dissection Simulation at ISU Winter Camp

The College of Medicine held a medical winter camp during the winter vacation with many activities for participating high school students to experience dissection simulation and observe tissue slices through a microscope. Through this learning-by-doing experience, all participants acquired broad knowledge about popular science. Participating students were impressed by the organization of the human skeleton.

ISU Holds Medical Camp to Inspire High School Students

The School of Medicine of ISU held a three-day medical camp for senior high school students, attracting 33 participants from around Taiwan. Through the demonstration of suturing techniques on a piece of pig skin by Dr. Cheng-Loong Liang, the Chair of the School of Medicine, the participants were amazed and showed a greater interest in […]

ISU Winter Camp Held for High School Students to Learn How to Do Single-chip Microcomputers

To broaden high school students’ horizons, the Department of Electrical Engineering held a winter camp, incorporating professional courses offered by the Taipower Talent Cultivation Class at Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Senior High School, to attract high school students who have interests in designing their own single-chip microcomputers and seeking employment at Taipower in the future. Industry […]

ISU Holds AI Winter Camp for High School Students

The Department of Information Engineering held an AI winter camp at the smart classroom of the newly renovated library, attracting some 40 high school students to explore AI technology and its applications by interesting interactive activities. Students of the Department of Information Engineering led high school students into the world of AI technology.

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