ISU Cultivates Hospitality Industry Talent with Hands-On Restaurant Operations

ISU enables students to become entrepreneurs by opening their own restaurants, integrating practical courses into the operation of Hospitality 101. This initiative has been well-received by faculty members and students alike. Recently, students from the Department of Hospitality Management in the College of Tourism and Hospitality launched an Italian cuisine menu, interpreting Italian dishes using […]

ISU Facilitates Taiwan-Japan Exchange with Abundant Resources

The establishment of TSMC’s JASM in Kumamoto has resulted in a significant increase in population and economic advantages, strengthening the ties between Taiwan and Japan. The mutually beneficial industries in both countries have had a broad-reaching impact. ISU, with its longstanding commitment to international engagement, forged a sister school relationship with Sojo University in 2014, […]

ISU Receives Numerous Awards Nationally and Internationally with Expertise across Diverse Fields

In its mission to cultivate future talents and promote interdisciplinary excellence, ISU empowers students to become well-rounded individuals, encouraging them to pursue their interests and fostering diverse development. With nine colleges spanning disciplines such as medicine, science, engineering, technology, business, humanities, and social sciences, ISU stands as one of Taiwan’s premier comprehensive private institutions, uniquely […]

International Students Fulfill Their Dreams at ISU

Just at the age of twenty, Nguyen Thi Mai Phuong is quite lively in personality, always chatty, and can’t seem to stop talking. It’s hard to imagine that just a year ago, she was still a young girl who couldn’t speak Chinese, spending her days in a mobile phone shop in her hometown in Vietnam, […]

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