ISU Teams up with Japanese Industries for Animator Cultivation

The Department of Digital Media Design has collaborated with Japanese industries for years, and Chief Hiroyuki Yamada of the Osaka Sogo College of Design and industrial experts visited ISU on October 21, 2019, to share the animation trend in Japan and design technology. On October 24, 2019, Wen-Mei Chiu, a specialist from Design Office MECAMAN, […]

ISU Holds Events Showcasing Japanese Culture

A series of events showcasing the Japanese culture was held by the student association of the Department of Applied Japanese starting May 26, 2019. In addition to the Taiko drumming performance, freshman and sophomore students delivered an adorable Japanese dance, creating an energetic campus in this scorching summer. Freshman and sophomore students of the Department […]

Japanese Construction Company Recruits Interns at ISU

ISU has closely collaborated with Japanese corporations for years by sending students to Japan to undertake internships. Having been impressed by the excellent performance gave by ISU students, President Naomi Murase and officials of Murasegumi Construction Company visited ISU to recruit interns and visited their staffers studying Chinese here. The president (first from left) and […]

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