ISU Students Give a Phenomenal Performance in National Examination

Students of the Department of Physical Therapy have performed excellently in the Senior Professional and Technical Examination for Physical Therapists for years. Graduand Ting-Kai Wu took 4th place in the Examination this year, following Cheng-Ying Lai, who graduated and took 1st place in the same Examination last year. ISU indicated that 29 graduands, namely more than 50% […]

Play and Learn! ISU Graduate Admitted by Ten National Graduate Schools

Hsiao-Sheng Chen, graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering of ISU, has had a great interest in electronic machinery since childhood. He could assemble a computer on his own with a guiding book when studying in 6th grade, and he joined a robot club and won several awards when studying in junior high school. With […]

ISU Song-Jiang Battle Array Takes 2nd Place in National Competition

ISU’s Song-Jiang Battle Array competed in the national Song-Jiang Battle Array competition held in Neimen District, Kaohsiung. With its remarkable skills and the support and cheer given by the international students led by President Chen, the team impressed the audiences with an act of Nezha, a traditional Chinese deity, and finished in 2nd place.   The […]

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