3+1 Dual Degree Program Jointly Offered by ISU and NTU

ISU and Nottingham Trent University (NTU) worked together to offer a 3+1 international dual degree program to ISU students of business and management-related departments. Students who complete three-year studies at ISU and pass PEAP courses recognized by NTU are qualified to study at NTU in England in their senior year. NTU is about to offer […]

ISU Students Participating in Digital Tutoring Program Recognized by Ministry of Education

ISU has carried out the Digital Tutoring Program for almost ten years. Every semester, ISU invites some one hundred students from different colleges and departments to participate in the Program and share their experience with one another. Two participating students were awarded this year by the Ministry of Education for their great efforts. Tzu-Ching Lin […]

ISU Digital Tutoring Program Benefits Both Others and Participants

ISU has carried out the Digital Tutoring Program of the Ministry of Education for almost ten year. Some 100 students from different departments and colleges are recruited every semester not only to benefit children living in remote areas but also to pursue self-development. Students who have participated in the program learned about a sense of […]

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