ISU Varsity Basketball Team Amazes UBA Audience with Fantastic Games

The second preliminary round of the UBA tournament in Academic Year 2021 ended on December 10, 2021, and ISU’s varsity basketball team won five games and lost one game with the home court advantage. Next, ISU’s varsity basketball team will prepare itself to fight for the top 8.

ISU Students Spice up UBA Finals at Taipei Arena

To perform at the Taipei Arena is a big step for popular singers. 22 domestic and international students of the International Performing Arts Society (IPAS) were invited by the UBA to energize players and spectators with a stunning performance in the finals at the Taipei Arena. This incredible experience would be the most precious memory […]

ISU Varsity Women’s Basketball Team Enters Semifinal of UBA for Two Consecutive Years

ISU varsity men’s basketball team has entered the semifinal of the UBA several times and earned its reputation. However, there is another rising star that we cannot ignore. ISU varsity women’s basketball team, which was established almost five years ago, has entered the semifinal of the UBA for two consecutive years with sparkling performance. All […]

ISU Varsity Basketball Team Takes 4th Place at UBA

ISU varsity basketball team competed against Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology, ended the game 84-90, and took 4th place. For Wei-Ting Lu, a graduate student in the second year, this is the last UBA game he played, scoring 23 points and grabbing 11 rebounds. “I am very happy over the past six years. […]

ISU Varsity Basketball Team Enters Semifinal at UBA

ISU varsity basketball team turned the tables on that of Shih Hsin University although the latter had four fierce international players on the court and once was in the lead for 17 points. During the overtime, ISU varsity basketball team players, including Tzu-Hsuan Chiu, Yao-Cheng Pai, and Wen-Ju Su, used their whole bag of tricks […]

ISU Varsity Women’s Basketball Team Rises at UBA

After being established for four years, ISU’s varsity women’s basketball team competed at the UBA for the very first time. There were only five players in the team in the beginning, and after the restructuring brought by Coach Yu-Chuan Hsieh and under the supervision of alumnus Tsung-Chen Hsieh, the team gave a marvelous performance on […]

UBA Tournament at ISU

The UBA tournament in Academic Year 2019 has begun, and the games were played at ISU in early December. To thank supporters of ISU varsity basketball team, the coach Yu-Chung Hsieh invited her mother to cook delicious braised pork rice to feed 200 supporters a day. In addition to thrilling games, ISU invited the 137 […]

ISU Varsity Basketball Team Sets a New Record at UBA Tournament

ISU’s varsity basketball team set a new record by winning the runner-up at the UBA tournament this year. ISU faculty members and students were excited about the victory, and all players deeply appreciated the support and cheer from ISU and indicated that: “We couldn’t have made it without those fans’ support!” ISU’s varsity basketball team […]

ISU Wins Unprecedented Victory at UBA Semifinal

ISU’s varsity basketball team, the second runner-up last year, was the only team from southern Taiwan. ISU competed with National Taiwan Normal University at the semifinal and won by a landslide with final score of 90-68 thanks to marvelous three-pointers made by No-Yi Chen and Yen-Lun Wu ISU players enjoyed the moment of victory.

ISU Varsity Basketball Team Takes Third Place at UBA

In the third- place game of the UBA, ISU went head to head against National Kaohsiung Normal University and won the game with a 84-77 final score. This is the first third place ISU has ever taken. Coach Yu-Chung Hsieh said that it was the best performance in the history of the ISU varsity basketball […]

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