NO. Events Dates
1 Respond to the Admission Letter
[Log Onto the ISU Information System https://netreg.isu.edu.tw/wapp

and respond to [Accept My Offer of Admission] and [Create MY ISU Student Record] ,upload 1 photograph to make your student ID Card at ISU Information System]

 Within 1 week after receival
2 Apply for an entry visa
[See more details about visa application at www.boca.gov.tw]
As early as possible
3 Apply for airport pickup
[Please reply Arrival information (pickup request) and Parents Orientation online at ISU Information System https://netreg.isu.edu.tw/wapp.  Pickup period September 7 & 8, 2020 at locations of Kaohsiung Int. Airport & Taiwan High Speed Rail Zuoying Station.]
Upon booking flight
4 Course registration
[Please register courses online during the period specified. The first week of semester is opened for courses add and drop.]
TBA on Academic Affairs, Curriculum Office website
5 Deposit for Reserving Dormitory with Priority for the First Year
* [All international students are required to pay TWD 1,500 deposit by the deadline.]
August 24-31, 2020
6 Dormitory Move-in
[The dormitories will be opened for move-in during the period specified.]
September 7-13, 2020
7 Registration & Orientation
[ATTENDANCE for 2 DAYS IS MANDATORY! The registration process with Chinese proficiency placement test for new international students. Location: 4th floor of International College.]

Submit [Form 1] Consent to Authorize for Medical Treatment in Case of Emergencies to I-Shou University to OICA staff. Moreover, pay tuition and other required fees, language lab fee, accommodation fee, student accident insurance premium, and health insurance premium.

Payment options:

[1] Online credit card payment on Information System by Orientation Day

[2] In-person payment at Campus Post Office on Orientation Day

September 9-10, 2020
8 Parents & family orientation
[Location: 4th floor of International College]
September 9, 2020 (10am)
9 College Entrance Health Exam

[Location: E-Da Hospital]

TBA on OICA web
10 Term begins / School starts September 14, 2020


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