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ISU offers high quality teaching and extra-curricular activities
Career Foreshadowing Program
Mobility Programs
Chinese Courses
Flexible Major Change
Flexible Course Credit Transfer
Interdisciplinary Independent Learning
Chinese Courses
Interdisciplinary Independent Learning

A Renowned University

Chinese Language Center

Variety of Intensive Chinese Language Programs

Engaging and Interactive Small Classes

Taiwanese Culture Exploration

Campus Life

The best environment for students

Convenient Transport

Shuttle bus service for students is available from both campuses to major downtown locations.

Engaging Activities

Students can take advantage of the diverse student clubs, athletic field, gymnasium, swimming pool, fitness center, as well as the volleyball, tennis and basketball courts, and more.

Dynamic Environment

University is located near the entertainment hub of E-Da WorldE-Da Royal HotelE-Da Skylark HotelE-Da Outlet Mall, and E-Da Theme Park.

Tasty Food

ISU provides Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Western dining in the main campus, medical campus and nearby shopping mall.

Cozy Dormitory

Campus dormitories include double, triple, and quad occupancy. International House has housekeeping and a gym.

Ubiquitous Internet

ISU is a mobile-friendly environment, so students can take advantage of nonstop full-campus Wi-Fi coverage

Student Experience

Seva, Mari, Timon, Alphonse, Azim, and Jolo from Russia, USA, St. Vincent, India, Uzbekistan and the Phillipines share their experiences!

Student Experience

Seva, Mari, Timon, Alphonse, Azim, and Jolo from Russia, USA, St. Vincent, India, Uzbekistan and the Phillipines share their experiences!

Admissions & Study


Fall (September) or Spring (February) Intake


Double Major, Dual Degrees, Minor, or Single Major


ISU currently offers 9 Colleges & 65 Degree Programs


There are 7 English-taught programs

Innovative Teaching & Learning

Broad range of General Education courses aim to enhance students’ fundamental academic skills, critical thinking abilities, concepts of democracy, background in liberal arts, and physical fitness on the basis of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Students can change programs based on their developing interests and potential. Completed credits are transferrable so learning is never wasted. Interdisciplinary independent projects which are student-centered promote life-long learning.

Plentiful Resources

ISU has established an international and friendly environment equipped with abundant library resources and facilities. 


Metal Materials Development Center


Expensive Instrument

Electronic Packaging

Engineering Research

Career Counseling

0 +
Industry-university cooperation partners

including technology, electronics, medical services, steel, catering, department stores, hotels and other service industries.

Career Development Center provides counseling on work-study, internships and job-seeking.

Worldwide Network

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International affiliated schools all over the world


Mr. Mark Lin: chienliang@isu.edu.tw, +886-7-6577711 ext. 2085

  • Application form (including affidavits and financial statement)

  • Identity card or passport

  • Academic credentials (Graduation certificate, certificate of enrollment or pr
    oof of having an adequate level of education)

  • An official academic transcript of all semesters in high school or University

  • Certificate of language proficiency in Chinese or English
  1. Please upload the photocopy of all the required documents mentioned above to the online application system of I-shou University before the application deadline. Upload your ID card or passport photo as a jpg file, and upload the rest as a pdf file to the online application system for foreign students of I-shou University.

  2. Verify the originals of all the required documents mentioned above after the beginning of the semester.
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