March 2021

I-Shou University has strived to deliver quality education to students coming from around the world. Before these 18-year olds embark on this journey, we ensure they have a variety of scholarship, mobility, internship opportunities, language programs, and

July 2021

國際事務處 設計的 202105電子報(網頁版) 的複本

May 2021

ISU OICA eNewsletter for 2021 May HTML 國際事務處 設計的 202105電子報(網頁版)

January 2021

I-SHOU Newsletter ——–2021.01—— As one of the most internationalized universities in Taiwan, one tenth of ISU’s students come from more than 40 different countries. To create a diverse culture on campus, ISU International Student Union invites one student representative from each country to form its multiculture committee.Fall Application starts until July 20, 2021 Application 8 […]