At the 2023 Taiwan Innotech Expo, a competition showcasing inventions and innovations, there were approximately 23 participating countries, with over 1,000 patented works on display. ISU achieved remarkable results in this highly competitive event. The Departments of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Nutrition within the College of Medicine, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in the College of Engineering, as well as the Department of Creative Integrated Design in the College of Communication and Design, were honored with one gold medal award and three bronze medal awards.

The gold medal-winning work, “Computerized Writing Evaluation and Training Method,” was a collaborative effort between Dr. Nan-Ying Yu from the Department of Physical Therapy and Dr. Shao-Hsia Chang from the Department of Occupational Therapy. Both professors, with a long-standing focus on pediatric rehabilitation, emphasized the significance of handwriting in children’s learning journey. They note that challenges encountered during the early stages of handwriting, such as difficulties or errors, cannot be effectively addressed through mere practice. Understanding the intricate neural processes involved in handwriting, the professors approached the issue from a medical standpoint. Their innovative solution involves a specially designed writing board and digital pen to record the handwriting process. Using computerized quantification and proprietary algorithmic techniques, they developed methods for clinical assessment and therapeutic training to address functional impairments in writing and drawing. The acknowledgment and accolade received for this clinically applied research have brought immense satisfaction and joy to both professors.

The bronze medal-winning board game, “Food Classification Teaching Interactive Teaching Aids,” was designed by faculty members and students from the Department of Nutrition to convey nutritional knowledge through gameplay. Dr. Wei-Yi Cheng from the Department of Nutrition stated that they plan to continue promoting and advocating balanced dietary concepts in the community. Graduates of the Department of Nutrition, Ming-Jui Kan and Yu-Ching Yen, both expressed that the entire experience, from the design phase to playtesting, was fantastic. It directly contributed to their current roles in designing and implementing health education activities in the workplace. Another bronze medal-winning project, “Pharmaceutical Compositions and Uses Thereof,” is a collaborative effort between Dr. Mei-Hwa Lee from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Dr. Hung-Yin Lin from National University of Kaohsiung. The project involves using food-grade materials as drug carriers to encapsulate poorly soluble or lipophilic drugs. The pharmaceutical composition’s formula demonstrates excellent stability of drug combinations and offers an effective method for delivering water-insoluble active pharmaceutical ingredients to patients. This approach enhances the bioavailability of such drugs among patients. Additionally, the pharmaceutical composition exhibits the potential to inhibit cancer cell growth, with minimal cytotoxic effects on normal cells.

“Enhanced Warning Blind Bend System,” a project winning bronze medal as well, was a collaborative effort led by Dr. Chien-Nan Chen and Dr. Ysung-Sheng Huang from the Department of Creative Integrated Design, guiding students Pei-Shan Yeh, Yi-Cheng Yang, and Chih-Wei Chang. The team designed a lane-sensing device to provide advance warnings for oncoming vehicles approaching blind curves, ensuring driving safety. This design previously received the Social Design Award in the 2023 Golden Pin Design Awards and has been granted a patent. The recent award further acknowledges and affirms the excellence of this project, showcasing the strength of interdisciplinary learning and collaboration within ISU.

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