ISU Achievement Exhibition of Electronic Engineering Recognized by Industry Specialists

The Department of Electronic Engineering, accredited by the IEET in 2019, has organized an achievement exhibition presented by senior students for many years. In 2020, the Department invited industry specialists to be judges to interact with students and give valuable advice. The exhibition was praised by all participating guests. Industry specialists were invited to be […]

ISU Graduation Exhibition Held at Paihe Settlement in Pingtung County

The graduation exhibition of the College of Indigenous Studies was staged at Paihe Settlement in Pingtung County. The exhibition not only showcased what students have learned over the past four years but also presented the USR project they collaborated with local communities. Students of the College of Indigenous Studies sang a traditional melody at the […]

ISU Students Show Who They Truly Are at the Graduation Exhibition

Have you ever suppressed yourselves and catered to others’ expectations in this modern society? ISU students encouraged youngsters to show who they truly are through games and animations they designed and displayed at their graduation exhibition. Diverse and innovative products were designed and showcased at the graduation exhibition hosted by students of the Department of […]