Students Supported by Elite Scholarship Program Graduate from ISU

Having been affected by the COVID-19, 45 graduation ceremonies were held and live-streamed by respective departments and colleges of ISU. For the very first time, the College of Indigenous Studies held an open-air graduation ceremony, inviting all graduands to attend the ceremony in traditional costumes. ISU also invited a priest from the Paiwan tribe to […]

Russian Student Graduates from ISU with Flying Colors

Daria Belkovskaia graduated from the Department of International Business Administration this year, having completed studies in both international management and marketing, which is indeed a mission impossible for her and other international students. Although the study was taxing for her, she managed to go the extra mile for her choice and cherished every minute in […]

Play and Learn! ISU Graduate Admitted by Ten National Graduate Schools

Hsiao-Sheng Chen, graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering of ISU, has had a great interest in electronic machinery since childhood. He could assemble a computer on his own with a guiding book when studying in 6th grade, and he joined a robot club and won several awards when studying in junior high school. With […]

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