ISU Graduation Ceremony Attracts International Audiences

Known for its international campus, ISU held two graduation ceremonies conducted in Chinese and English, respectively, and around 4,500 families and friends from some 20 countries were attracted. In addition to the remarkable singing performance presented by indigenous graduands, Audrey Tang, a minister without portfolio, was invited to give a speech and had a heated […]

ISU Graduation Exhibition Held at Paihe Settlement in Pingtung County

The graduation exhibition of the College of Indigenous Studies was staged at Paihe Settlement in Pingtung County. The exhibition not only showcased what students have learned over the past four years but also presented the USR project they collaborated with local communities. Students of the College of Indigenous Studies sang a traditional melody at the […]

ISU Students Show Who They Truly Are at the Graduation Exhibition

Have you ever suppressed yourselves and catered to others’ expectations in this modern society? ISU students encouraged youngsters to show who they truly are through games and animations they designed and displayed at their graduation exhibition. Diverse and innovative products were designed and showcased at the graduation exhibition hosted by students of the Department of […]

President of Teikyo University Gives Speech at ISU Graduation Ceremony

Every year ISU holds two graduation ceremonies conducted in Chinese and English, respectively. This year, the alumna Hsuan-Jung Chiu, who took two gold medals at the 2017 Busan International Artisan Festival, and Yoshihito Okinaga, President of Teikyo University, Japan, were invited to give speeches as an encouragement to graduands. President Okinaga indicated that this was […]

ISU Graduation Ceremony Held for Doctor-to-be International Students

The second graduation ceremony for the graduands of the School of Medicine for International Students was held on June 15, 2018. This year, there were 28 graduands coming from nine countries, and two of them gave their speeches in Chinese and English, respectively, to show their appreciation and gratefulness to the ambassadors, the government of […]