ISU Students Enjoy Learning from Classrooms to the Outside World

The abundance of life experience is the best inspiration for creation. The Department of Film and Television not only teaches students how to produce films but also encourages them to experience their personal lives and lives in different workplaces because what they have experienced will become sources of inspiration for their creations.

Hong Kong Students Visits ISU for Diverse Learning Experiences

24 students and faculty members of the CCC Fong Yun Wah Secondary School in Hong Kong visited ISU during this summer vacation. They not only visited well-known attractions but also experienced individually themed rooms at E-Da Royal Hotel. An award-winning chef of the Hotel also demonstrated to them how to make a delicious pizza. Professor […]

International Students Attracted by ISU English-only Learning Environment

Hikaru, a Japanese student, chose to study at the Department of Applied English of ISU for another bachelor’s degree after graduating from a university in Japan because of the English-only learning environment and the professional curriculum offered by ISU. With comprehensive training, he mastered both Chinese and English and secured employment in an international corporation […]

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