ISU Fosters Future Talent with Medicine and Smart Technology

In this ever-changing environment, universities must redefine their roles for a better future and face changes with innovative thinking. ISU embraces “All-Around Education” as a core value to equip future talent with interdisciplinary innovation and an international competitive edge and to create personalized learning strategies by digital technology, in the hopes that everyone can fulfill […]

ISU Nurtures Extraordinary Talents with Medicine and AI Technology

Technology is always improving in this Internet era. What characters and abilities are necessary for future talents? ISU, a comprehensive university with a history of almost 30 years, proposed the ISU 2028 Project, hoping to foster outstanding talents capable of solving social problems in 30 years. ISU is looking forward to nurturing internationally competitive talents […]

Courses Relating to Health and Medicine Provided to ISU Students

ISU has put great emphasis on interdisciplinary courses for the past two years. In addition, more and more courses relating to health and medicine are available to students, in the hopes of becoming an international comprehensive university excelling in medicine and smart technology. ISU is one of the four comprehensive universities in Taiwan with a […]

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