ISU Bilingual Radio Show On Air with International Students and Faculty

ISU collaborated with the National Education Radio to produce “I-SHOU let it show,” a radio show at 3:05 p.m. ~ 4 p.m. every Friday starting January 3, 2020, at FM101.7. ISU international students and faculty members from some 40 countries are invited to share their cultures and traditions on air. Dean Wu of International and […]

ISU Students Give a Phenomenal Performance in National Examination

Students of the Department of Physical Therapy have performed excellently in the Senior Professional and Technical Examination for Physical Therapists for years. Graduand Ting-Kai Wu took 4th place in the Examination this year, following Cheng-Ying Lai, who graduated and took 1st place in the same Examination last year. ISU indicated that 29 graduands, namely more than 50% […]

ISU Students Release “Last Chance” on Steam

The Department of Digital Media Design aims to nurture young professionals in AR and VR, and the VR game, “Last Chance,” designed by faculty members and students of the Department, was released on Steam, a platform for online games, last month. Students successfully released the game on an international game service platform under the supervision […]

New International Students from Some 30 Countries Meet at ISU

To welcome more than 600 new international students from some 30 countries, including the U.S., Peru, the Philippines, India, Kyrgyz Republic, Malaysia, and Republic of Uzbekistan, ISU held a welcome party for them and invited representatives of currently enrolled students to introduce the University and exchange opinions with new international students in their mother tongue. […]

ISU President Encourages Senior High School Students

ISU President Chen indicated that senior high school students in Taiwan are destined to compete with peers from all around the world no matter what they will major in. He encouraged these young people to be ambitious, to broaden their horizons, and to grab all possible opportunities even if they are living in a remote […]

Indigenous Students Share Life Experiences at the Graduation Exhibition

Walking into the Pier-2 Art Center, you immediately see an Austronesian knit wall. At the graduation exhibition, senior students of the bachelor’s degree program for indigenous students of ISU presented their field study results and academic achievements over the past four years with different mediums in combination with indigenous cultures, humanities, arts, and rituals. Faculty […]

ISU Students Win Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films

The excellent performance of students of the Department of Film and Television has been widely recognized by professional experts. Last year, a short film named “Homeless” was awarded a bronze medal by the Vision Get Wild Award, and this year it was awarded the Excellence Award and the Best Cinematography Award by the Golden Harvest […]

ISU Students Show Who They Truly Are at the Graduation Exhibition

Have you ever suppressed yourselves and catered to others’ expectations in this modern society? ISU students encouraged youngsters to show who they truly are through games and animations they designed and displayed at their graduation exhibition. Diverse and innovative products were designed and showcased at the graduation exhibition hosted by students of the Department of […]

ISU Students Win Five Gold Medals at World Master Chef Competition

Ping-Han Hsieh, a faculty member of the College of Indigenous Studies, is an experienced cook thanks to the training he received when helping run the family restaurant. With his culinary knowledge and skills, ISU students won five gold medals at the World Master Chef Competition last year in Malaysia. Ping-Han Hsieh (second from left) led […]